Upcoming Spirit Days:


  • December 2 – sales open November 17-27!


Order Spirit Wear
All ordered items will be delivered to the classrooms the week following the close of sales.
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Student Styles – $14

Archer Sport, Classic Fit, available in gray and light blue

Archer Sport, Fitted/Girls, available in gray

Archer Repeating Text, available in pink

Simple Arched Archer Text, available in light blue

Collegiate Design, available in white

Adult Styles – $15

Unisex Collegiate Design, available in white

Unisex Collegiate Design, available in white

Unisex Simple Arched Archer T-shirt, available in navy

Unisex Simple Arched Archer Text Sweatshirt, available in navy

Cursive Archway Scottsdale Text, Classic Fit, available in white

Cursive Archway Scottsdale Text, Ladies/Fitted, available in white

Folding Car Sunshade – $20

Archer Magnet – $6

5.5″ x 6.5″ lightweight magnet (car not included)

Archer Vinyl Sticker – $3

Approximately 1.5″ x 3″ (water bottle not included)