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We have openings in 2nd Grade!

We have immediate openings in 2nd grade for the 2019-2020 school year.


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Touring Archway Scottsdale is the best way to see the transformative educational experience we offer. We believe the highest goal of education is to become good, intellectually and morally.

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Giving Today for a Better Tomorrow

The Barba's tell their story of why they've chosen to donate to the Better Together campaign for the Scottsdale community.


Welcome to Great Hearts Archway Scottsdale, Serving Grades K-5

Archway Scottsdale is a part of the Great Hearts network of non-profit public charter schools dedicated to improving education nationwide through classical liberal arts academies. By engaging a well-rounded program in a vibrant school culture, our students are prepared for success in college, leadership in any field in which they choose to endeavor and a life filled with purpose. With a curriculum built upon a classical liberal arts tradition and a revolutionary approach to school itself, Great Hearts cultivates the hearts and minds of students in the pursuit of Truth, Goodness and Beauty.

Each student will be provided with a durable foundation in reading, writing, arithmetic, geometry, science, literature and history. In addition, our curriculum includes Spanish, fine arts and P.E.

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Half-day Pick-Up Schedule:

Please strictly follow the times given for your grade-level.

11:45           K-2 (without siblings)

12:05           3-5 (and siblings from K-2)

If you have students at SPA who walk over, they will not arrive at ACS until 12:25!

If you have older students (3-5 or SPA) do not enter the traffic line until 12:05!

Important Traffic Information! Please watch the video HERE and then refer to the maps below…..

  • Please use the car line to drop-off and pick-up. Maps linked here:  ACS Car Line        SPA Car Line       Pedestrian Map
  • Families choosing to use the walk-up option for children should park in the school’s parking lot only
    • Do not park on North 94th Street
    • Do not park in local businesses
    • Use designated crosswalks
  • First pick-up from 2:55 — 3:15 is for K-2 (without siblings) only
  • Second pick-up for 3-5 and siblings begins at 3:15
    • Do not enter the car line early for 2nd pick-up; you will be asked to circle
    • Plan to come later (after 3:20) rather than earlier; this will help with the congestion
  • Obey all traffic laws in and around the campus!