Campus Traffic Flow

Please watch the video to visualize the traffic flow.
You may also refer to the maps: ACS Car Line        SPA Car Line       Pedestrian Map

Obey all traffic laws in and around the campus!

Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Student Drop-Off 7:40-8:15 am
Due to restrictions on crowding, all students must be dropped off using the car lines this year. Students will not be able to enter through the front lobby. If your child walks or rides a bike to school, they will need to walk to the MPR doors in order to enter. Parents are NOT ALLOWED to park and walk their child to this entrance. Please follow the car line procedure for the safety of all staff and children.

All students will be dropped off in the Drop-Off/Pick-Up zone on the south side of the school. Please drive south on 94th Street and enter the drop-off lines on the northeast corner of the parking lot and head west. Use both the A and B lanes. Drive around the building and empty lot, to the south side of the building. The drop-off zone is where the umbrellas are located. Students have temperatures taken as soon as they enter the building. If a child’s temperature is 100 degrees or above, the child will re-enter their car and parents will be asked to pull into some reserved parking spaces so the nurse can recheck the child’s temperature.

Morning Drop-Off Ends at 8:15!
Students should be at school by 8:15 am. Please note that the drop-off lanes will be physically closed at 8:15. If you arrive after 8:15, please pull into the front parking lot and walk your child(ren) into the front office to be signed in.

Student Afternoon Pick-Up
All students will be dismissed through the car lanes. Because parents and students cannot congregate on campus, there will not be an option to park and pick up in the courtyard for the first few months of school. Please make sure you have your yellow placard with the child’s last name and section (3A, etc.) displayed on your driver-side visor when you enter the pickup queue. Follow the same entrance and queuing directions as in the morning but please make sure you do not change lanes while waiting. Changing lanes would cause your child to head to an incorrect spot for dismissal and actually increase your pick-up time.

Parents of 4th and 5th grade ACS students with SPA siblings that would like to utilize the SPA drop-off and pick-up lanes may sign a permission slip allowing their child to walk between campuses. This permission slip must be turned in to the front office at least 24 hours before the child will be able to walk across to the other campus. You can scan and email the permission slip to Note: A new permission slip is required each year for a child to have this privilege.

• Half-Day Kindergarten Students dismissed 11:45 am.
• K-2 Students dismissed 2:45-3:05 pm. Siblings of older students will be held in their classrooms until 3:15 pm.
• 3-5 Students and younger siblings dismissed 3:15-3:30 pm. Parents of 3-5 students should not enter the pick-up queue until 3:10 pm. If they should enter early, they will be asked to drive around.

Early Release

• K-2 Students dismissed 11:35 am.
• 3-5 Students and younger siblings dismissed 12:05 pm. Do not arrive before 12 noon due to staggered pick up times. If you arrive before those times, you will be asked to drive around.

Starting in August 2021, our school will join the other Archway campuses in having an early release every Wednesday in order to devote dedicated time to teacher professional development. On Wednesdays, students in Kindergarten-Second grades will dismiss at 12:30 pm and students in 3rd-5th grades (as well as younger siblings) will dismiss at 1:00 pm. Students will still have lunch on these days. While many families will embrace this extra time to enjoy family activities together, we recognize that this can affect joint pick-up of ACS/SPA students, or be a challenge for working parents. ACS plans to offer multiple clubs during these afternoons, and students may participate in the Athenaeum after-school program as well. More information will be sent about specifics of those options as the new school year approaches.

ACS will continue to have half days that are aligned with Scottsdale Prep for Great Hearts In-Services, conferences, and exam days. Those will continue to be at the 11:45am/12:15 pm dismissal times in order to coordinate with Scottsdale Prep’s dismissal. The calendar for the 2021-22 school year can be found here with Wednesday early release days, half days, and full days noted accordingly.